Live Chilling - landed a major agreement with Nova Sea

We have secured a major agreement for Nova Sea's new slaughterhouse. Nova Sea.This is our largest project within live chilling. Hoseth Technology has been chosen as the supplier of Helixir live chilling for Nova Sea's new slaughterhouse in Lovsund. This is our biggest project within live chilling.

Bilde fra inngåelse av avtale om levendekjøling Fra venste: Bjørn Olvik, Kommersiell direktør Nova Sea, Jacob Hoseth, Teknisk sjef Hoseth Technology og Espen Gleinsvåg, prosjektleder nytt fabrikkbygg Nova Sea.

Our biggest project in live chilling

We believe in pushing boundaries through innovation, and in this project with Nova Sea, we are doing just that. This is not only our largest project in live chilling but also the most innovative. Our commitment to quality, hygiene, automation, and gentle handling of fish is always paramount. We are grateful to have a partner like Nova Sea in Norway, who is so focused on the quality of the final product to customers, and we look forward to the collaboration in the construction phase.

The live chilling tank is a whopping 300 cubic meters and is designed to process 200 salmon per minute. The fish are delivered unstressed and rested before stunning – which is beneficial for the fish while also ensuring top-class fish quality. Pre-stunning chilling also ensures that the salmon are cold in the core, helping to avoid leakage from crates during transportation. The project includes a distribution system up to stunning and an advanced water logistics system that saves both water and energy when considering the entire factory as a whole.

The delivery focuses on automation and 'superior production control.' This includes automatic feeding and unloading of the HeliX live chilling tank and fully automated water logistics and cooling. The project includes the HoT Smart Camera, a new and self-developed smart fish counter. This smart fish counter is based on machine learning and AI. It is user-friendly and enables the capture of advanced data. The control system is set up for advanced data monitoring, including data and image capture with database storage, to ensure food safety, productivity, and extended shelf life. It delivers live RTPS video and simple user controls through a web interface. It is possible to control the camera through the web interface, but in most cases, the OPCUA interface will be used connected to a controller.

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