About us

We Create the Fish Farming Technology of the Future

A lot has changed since Hoseth Technology was established in Averøy in 1946, but certain things never change: Knowledgeable and committed employees, solid products, innovation and ability to implement will always be pillars of our company.

At the Forefront of Innovation and Development

Den gang var vi et lokalt motorverksted med et par ansatte. I dag teller vi 40 fast ansatte som sammen står helt i spissen for innovasjon og utvikling av havbruksnæringen i Norge og internasjonalt. Vi tilbyr systemer for både sjøbasert og landbasert oppdrett, logistikksett for skip og lastebil, og stasjoner for primær behandling av fisk.

Our key expertise is handling live fish and stress control. We have more than 40 years of experience in turning live fish into valuable raw material. We are well acquainted with working with technology on vessels with cages, and work with our customers to develop new products for their operation.

We help our customers streamline their work processes and at the same time ensure that fish welfare is taken care of in the best possible way. Combined, this provides a tasty and safe product.

Klaus Hoseth

CEO, Hoseth Technology

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