Smart kamera fiskteller

The HoT smart camera is a self-developed smart fish counter. This intelligent fish counter is based on machine learning and AI technology, enabling the capture of advanced data. The solution can also be used in multiple areas within a slaughterhouse. This is a technology that is both user-friendly and profitable. 


Smart kamera fisketeller

SSmart camera use cases

In addition to counting fish, the smart camera can also count wounds. The product will also evolve over time through collaboration with the customer to adapt to desired conditions. Some examples include detecting whether there is a broken lid on a box, if there is ice in the box, if there are defects on a fillet on a fillet line, if a fillet is folded incorrectly, and if there is a melanin spot on the fish. There are many such aspects that can be trained. This can be offered in addition to the basic package, and in terms of costs, this technology is no longer expensive.


The smart camera has a web interface. Through this interface, we have some simple user controls for basic operation. We also have a more advanced section where several things can be configured. In this simple user interface, you can, among other things, start and stop the camera and restart the count. It is also possible to choose the direction from which the fish comes: left to right, right to left, or bottom to top. The camera will then only count fish moving in the selected direction. It is possible to control the camera through this simple web interface, but in most cases, the OPCUA interface will be used, connected to a controller.

In addition to the user interface for basic operation, we have an interface for live RTPS video.

If you have any questions or wish to get in touch, you can do so here. If you want more information about the smart camera, you can check out the podcast episode about the smart camera here. You can also watch videos about the smart camera on our social media channels. 


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