World class innovation

Technology Raising the Standard

The international seafood industry is growing rapidly - and we are at the forefront of innovation and development of holistic and efficient solutions. From our base in Kristiansund, we create aquaculture technology that raises the standard for fish welfare and food quality worldwide.

Healthy Fish Pays Off

Sustainable Fish Welfare

When using our products, you can feel confident that the fish will not be subjected to unnecessary stress and pain. Not only is it important from a welfare perspective, but it is also a well-known fact that well treated fish live longer, taste better - and thus more profitable.

High Quality and Food Safety

A Product to be Proud of

We deliver tailor-made products that enable you to make optimal use of your resources. You and your employees will be more competent, the work process, handling and harvesting will be more efficient, and fish welfare will be taken care of in the best way possible. This ensures a tasty and safe end product.


In the Same Boat

Vår viktigste ressurs er våre ansatte som hver dag leverer teknologi til oppdrettere verden over. Lidenskapen for faget – og kundene våre – er det som driver oss. Vi forstår utfordringene dine, ser muligheter og løsninger, og vet hvordan gode ideer blir til virkelighet.

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