Net Cleaning


Manta net cleaner is designed to cooperate with the forces of nature, not against them. The net cleaner is developed together with personnel with many years’ experience of practical cleaning of the nets used by the industry.

Manta has neutral buoyancy and indifferent stability. Even with thrusters shut off a Manta will neither sink or float to the surface. In addition, it has no tendency to correct itself. This makes manoeuvring of the net cleaner very easy as it does not make any resistance to the input given by the operator. Since net cleaning has become a near continuous affair in the summer months, efficient and intuitive equipment is rather essential. 

Manta has neither belts nor moving parts in contact with the net. Rather, it glides lightly along the net walls with strong water jets from seven rotating plates flushing the net clean of algae and other organisms attached. The outer disks are designed to reach the challenging locations of a net like corners, rope attachments, etc.


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